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"Mobilegeddon" is Upon Us

“Mobilegeddon” is upon us and in the ever-changing online environment business who do not have a mobile responsive website will be left behind.

This isn't new

Back in June 2013 Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam team, spoke to attendees at the SMX Advanced Conference in Seattle about the importance of Mobile SEO. “You really need to be thinking about Mobile” Cutts said during his keynote address, “We’re starting to think a lot about Mobile.”


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Responsive Website Desgin

What is mobile responsive?

Have you ever ended up on a website on your smartphone that doesn’t quite look right? In order to read the text and click the buttons you have to zoom in? The reason for this is because you are seeing a version of the website that was designed for desk-top computers, not for the mobile devise you are using.

Companies who want to attract mobile users need to ensure that their website has a mobile responsive design. Your site will automatically resize itself when a mobile users comes to the site. With a mobile responsive website the device your customers are using will automatically adjust according to the devices screen size, ensuring that your customers have a great first impression when they find you online.


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