Unlocking the Latest Changes in Google AdWords and YouTube Advertising

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On July 11, Google quietly announced on the AdWords forum that a new remarketing option is now available: YouTube Remarketing lists – Now on search!

What You Need To Start Remarketing to YouTube Viewers

• Requires an AdWords account linked to a YouTube channel
• Allows you to remarket to people who previously interacted with your YouTube channel on the search network

Why Does YouTube Remarketing Matter?

You can Journey with your Followers – Brands can now stay with YouTube followers on their search journeys.
• Take for example, a pet food company:
• A pet food brand with a YouTube follower who searches Google.com for “best puppy food” can now advertise to that follower
• Because the brand knows the follower’s interest and intent, they can create a relevant search ad experience.

What’s so exciting about the ability to remarket to your YouTube followers is the granular level of targeting AdWords allows for. Looking to target prospects who just casually viewed your video? Check. Looking just to target those who like, or even commented (the ultimate form of engagement?) – not a problem as now advertisers can create AdWords Search ads to remarket to YouTube followers who have viewed any video from the channel (large-scale) to those who actively engaged with the channel (liked, comment on or shared any video).

It takes a little work, and definitely more creative effort, but the payoff can be quite valuable if you know how to make it work.