A New Format for Business Listings on Google Maps?

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As of this morning I’m seeing a big change on Google Maps to the way business listings are showing up on Desktop.  Here are the items I’ve seen that are missing:

  1. Nearby search
  2. Send to Phone feature
  3. Share button
  4. Suggest an Edit button
  5. Add a Photo Button

As well, they have added:

  1. A call button to the top
  2. A website button
  3. A link at the bottom that takes you to Google Search with the Knowledge Panel for the business.



At first, I was wondering how on earth someone is supposed to edit a listing on Google Maps. It turns out when you click the “see photos and more” it takes you to a Knowledge Panel with edit buttons and there are several things that have been added.  At the top, there is a edit for photos and there is an edit button on the map to move the pin.  If you click the “No” beside the “Moved, Closed, or was Never Here”, you get the options to report spam or report a duplicate etc.


I’m awaiting feedback from Google and others to see if this is a test or something that is rolling out to all users. So far, a few people are telling me they are not seeing this change at all.