Attributes Are Finally Coming to the Google My Business Dashboard

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As of today, I’m seeing attributes showing up inside the Google My Business dashboard. In the past, users could add attributes to listings via the Google Maps App.  This is the first time we’ve seen these show up to business owners via the Google My Business dashboard.

Here is an example of one I saw that I could add for my church inside the dashboard (it allows me to add that they have an online events calendar).


It’s important to note that the attributes a business owner can add or edit are not always the same thing that users can add or edit via Google Maps. For example, on the Google Maps app it was asking me if the church had WiFi or if it had a wheelchair accessible entrance. Neither of these showed up in Google My Business as options to add.

Also, not all users may be seeing this inside Google My Business currently since generally Google rolls out new features slowly.






10 Responses to "Attributes Are Finally Coming to the Google My Business Dashboard"
  1. Darren Shaw says:

    Was online events calendar the only option you could see? Can you see the full list of attributes if you start typing in the search box? “a”, “b”, “c”, etc?

    • Joy Hawkins says:

      Hey Darren,

      Yeah for this particular business it was the only option. I tried typing random letters into the box and wasn’t able to pull up anything else. The attributes vary based on the business type which I’m guessing comes from what categories you use.

  2. Jo Shaer says:

    Not seeing that option here in the back end here in the UK yet. However, Jon was on his mobile phone in a restaurant viewing its Maps listing yesterday. A message from Google asked him if he would ‘help our users’ and then asked him to confirm if there was wheelchair access and WiFi. We had not seen that before but may just be late to the party. Do you think those attributes will be controlled by confirmation from users/visitors/reviewers?

    • Joy Hawkins says:


      From what I know it varies based on what the attribute is. For example, many attributes for restaurants ask things like if the restaurant is “cozy”. This is more of a feeling that would come from a customer and Google would probably be more likely to count on user feedback vs. the business owner. However, when it comes to more concrete yes/no things like “do you offer free parking”, I could see Google relying more on the business owner. If you login on your phone as the owner account, you also have the ability to confirm details on the business that will have more weight/authority since it is coming from the owner.

  3. Andy Kuiper says:

    Good find Joy – it’s sure to expand – I like it.

  4. Oliver Neely says:

    Haven’t come across attributes in GMB before. So what would be the value for say a business that serves customers at their location? Is it a case of using the space for additional bullet points, like “senior discounts”, “same day service” etc..?

    • Joy Hawkins says:


      The attributes are specific fields that show up in GMB based on the industry the business is in. So there isn’t a full list published anywhere but when these start showing up for you, you will see they are different for various business types. You cannot add your own, just state if you have the ones Google lists as options (yes you have it, no you don’t).

  5. Carolyn says:

    Excellent! I’m going to check my account now!

  6. This is Vey Helpful Joy. I am always impressed with your articles.

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