3rd Party Reviews in Knowledge Panel Now Include Yelp and Your Own Site

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Update: September 12, 2016 – Yelp reviews are now no longer showing in the knowledge panel. See this article for more details.

Google is now showing 3rd party review summaries in the knowledge panel for businesses and this is a huge win for anyone who is utilizing a service that gains them reviews on their website in a manner that follows Google’s new rich snippit guidelines.  These 2 major updates go hand-in-hand and it makes sense that Google would no longer allow you to mark up reviews on your site from 3rd-party sources because doing so could cause the same reviews/ratings to contribute twice to your knowledge panel.

In order for Google to show your own site as a source of reviews, you have to have a method of unique reviews on your site that show both positive and negative reviews left about that particular product or service by your customers. They have to be reviews that you generated, you can’t just use the reviews you got on Yelp or Google.

When you do it that way, here is the result:




Another thing that is new about this is that Yelp is included. Previously when Google used to show 3rd party reviews, it never included Yelp due to whatever ongoing disagreement the 2 of them had at the time. This might be a pain point for businesses who don’t have the best Yelp reviews.

If you are looking for a solution to implement review generating on your own site, feel free to reach out to us so we can set you up on a platform that does this.