4 Observations about Google’s New Snak Pak Local Search Display

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It’s one of those days where you wake up and everything on Google looks different. As Mike Blumenthal pointed out yesterday, this looks like a full rollout, not a test. Google has yet to confirm this. We got the new look here in Canada yesterday evening.  Here are the major differences I’m noticing:

  1. There are at least 3 different types of Snak Paks
    1. Traditional – this is the type I’m seeing for most searches. It has removed the traditional A,B,C pins, removed the links to the G+ page, removed the full street address, removed the phone number, and has added the hours of operation and a link for directionsSnakPak 1
    2. Branded  – this is the type I’m seeing for most branded searches. For example, “Starbucks”, “McDonalds”, “State Farm”, “Sears”, “ReMax” etc. It adds the city-name, adds a red “A,B,C” and (this is huge) removes references to reviews and gold stars.
      Branded Snak Pak
    3. Photos – this is the type I’m seeing on restaurants, DJs, hotels, bed & breakfasts, & campgrounds. It removes the map, adds a photo, and removes the driving directions & website link.
      Photo Snak Pak
  2. Although I’m seeing the Branded Snak Pak on most searches, there are some odd ones that don’t follow that pattern. For example, Google shows it for “handyman” searches and not for “CrossFit” searches.
    Brand SnakPak 2
  3. For Service-Area businesses there is a ton of wasted space. If they have a hidden address, it’s just blank white space instead of a directions button. If they don’t have a website (many still don’t), it’s just more blank space.
    SnakPak Service Area Business
  4. For results that show the Photo Snak Pak, the photos are missing if no businesses have them.
    Photos Snak Pak 2
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  1. Arun says:

    Bad news for the websites those were there in the 4 -7 places. So they will have now a fewer sales or leads on those keywords for those they used to be appeared in the 4th or lower position.And at the same the competition to be in the first 3 places is gonna to be really tough.

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